What about Fredi? or Kelly?

With the Marlins dismissal of Fredi Gonzalez on Wednesday afternoon, I’ve gotten a few emails about whether he’d be considered for the Orioles job.

The simple answer is: no. Gonzalez is the favorite to replace Bobby Cox in Atlanta, and even if he was to interview with the Orioles (and that’s probably not going to happen) he’d definitely want to wait out the season and see what happens with the Braves.

The Orioles also won’t be coaxing former Minnesota Twins manager Tom Kelly out of retirement.


Any consideration for hiring Samuel as a manager should be thrown out the warehouse window !
Earl Weaver probably got nauseated if he was watching the game. You don’t ask a power hitter a guy who hit a 3 run homer the day before ,your #1 draft pick to bunt ! You are giving up one of your precious 27 outs and taking the bat out of the hand of a pontential game breaker ! We got 1 run for all our trouble ! THIS IS ABOUT AS DUMB A CALL AS ANY OLDER ORIOLE FAN CAN TOLERATE! One last thing we finished our love fest with Valentine now we have one with Showalter I won’t be satisfied until we interview DAVEY JOHNSON & he officially turns us down NO CANDIDATE SO FAR CAN MATCH HIS TRACK RECORD!

Any consideration given to interviewing Larry Bowa for the managerial job. This guy is an intense as you can get and has probably learned a ton about managing at the big league level under Joe Torre. I am not sure why we are trying to develop a small ball team in a home run friendly park. We get one run and we give up 3-run homers. Seems like the formula that we used to live by “Good pitching, defense and 3-run homers”. Ask Earl.

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