Fox on joining the O's

As you know by now, Jake Fox was traded to the Orioles today in exchange for Minor League pitcher Ross Wolf and cash considerations. The full story is here.

Below are some of Fox’s comments that didn’t make it in the story…

On his reaction to the move…

“I’m excited about it. It’s always good to have a change. It’s good to go someplace where hopefully you fit in because where I came from [in Oakland], it just wasn’t the right fit for anybody. I didn’t fit into their style and it’s very difficult to change your style at this point. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

So I’m happy to be here. It seems like they want me to be here. It’s always nice to go to a place that wants you to be there. I know a lot of people [in Baltimore] from some from former organizations. It’s just great to be here. It’s great to have a fresh start, it’s great to get going and I’m excited.”

Fox said he found out yesterday and got on a plane, arriving in Baltimore late Monday night. When asked what he thinks drew in the Orioles, Fox said it was his versatility.

“They like the fact that I can play multiple positions,” he said. “I just talked to Juan [Samuel] and he said, ‘I’m going to use you around the diamond where I can put you in, but basically you’re going to earn your way.’ You’re going to earn your playing time and I’m used to that. I’m ready for that and I’m ready to accept that challenge. So I’ve got to go out, put some good innings together and hopefully I’m going to earn some more playing time.”

Samuel said having Fox as a third catcher could help spell more time at DH for Matt Wieters, who has struggled at the plate this season. Fox said a year ago he wouldn’t have been comfortable back behind the plate but the A’s got him back into catching.

“I’ve had seven games behind the plate with the A’s, so I feel good about that,” Fox said. “The hardest part about coming to a new organization is learning the pitchers, learning what pitches they have, learning their strengths, learning their weaknesses so we can get on the same page, you can call a good game and I think that’s going to be the most difficult part about it.” 

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