50 losses

With Sunday’s loss, the Orioles have a Major League-worst 50 losses and are the only team in baseball without at least 25 wins.

Last season, it took them 90 games to lose their 50th contest, which came on July 18. In ’08 it took them 98 games –until July 21 — to hit that mark.

This year’s Orioles are right on pace with the ’62 Mets, who dropped to 19-50 and went on to lose 120 games that season. Yes, that’s right. The Orioles aren’t just bad. They could be historically bad.


Just like the Tom Petty song ! I’m free ! free falling ! I’m free ,free falling ! Yeah we are terrible ! Is McPhail going to do ANYTHING sooner than later with the offense?

Yeah we are terrible. This season should be framed as the “Drive for 35” wins. At that pace, we will finish more than 60 games back. This better be rock bottom for the sake of this franchise. It sucks to watch this team find ways to lose so it must just be painful to be in the dugout if you have any pride at all.

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