O's possible new manager approach

Interesting ideas by FOXSports.com’s Ken Rosenthal, who suggests the best move for the Orioles might be to hire a manager in-season but not let him take over right away. He would instead evaluate the organization and work closely with Andy MacPhail until officially taking the helm for 2011.

As, the full article goes on to state, the Orioles have yet to formally discuss such a plan, but Rosenthal discusses some positives and negatives of the two-step approach.

Would it work? Let me start by saying it’s looking increasingly like interim manager Juan Samuel will finish out the year. It does little good to get a fresh face in as manager when the team is 18-49 and struggling in all facets of the game. A major shakeup is coming and it’s likely the Orioles will clean house on their coach staff. To try to do that in-season, in what is essentially a lost season, doesn’t help any for next year.

Would having another manager in the wings watching Samuel make things awkward? Probably. But I think everyone –including Samuel — knows he is interim and won’t be retained. You can tell by the way this team is playing, and his (surprising) lack of emotion that all parties know this is a temporary situation. In no way is that a slight to Juan –who is still auditioning for other jobs down the line — but I think even casual fans would agree that this is not the shakeup needed for this team.

The idea  I like the best about having a new manager come in and check out all of the operations is that they will be able to see what is going on in all areas of the organization. From player development to the scouting and Minor Leagues, the O’s problems aren’t limited to the Major League-level. That has become obvious given this team’s lack of depth and the way some of the top position prospects –in addition to some of the younger second-year Orioles — have struggled.

This is not an easy fix and it’s not an easy managing job. But this option could make Baltimore that much more enticing to a guy like Buck Showalter, who is expected to interview for the job next week. 


The Orioles need a major overhaul, not change for change’s sake. They need a high-profile, kick-*** manager. They need to stop accepting mediocrity and wipe out their losing culture once and for all.

words from Mr Rosenthal.

He also suggests hiring Kevin Towers(as GM and move McPhail to president) who has been given credit for building the Padres into a consistent contender primarily around strong pitching.

Sounds good to me. Good fundementals, winning tradition and playing the game right need to be established in the minor league programs.

A long road back to respectibility which will take time to accomplish.

Sounds to me these people want a man who has a World Series ring from his playing days & played on winning teams with a winning culture . The candidate should also have a Winning record & a World Series ring from managing his him to a World Championship along with vast experience in both the American & National leagues —–That man is right next door a consultant to the Washington Nationals at the moment . His name is DAVEY JOHNSON !!! He has the best winnning pct the best record ,the most experience . Played and managed ON THE ORIOLES AND IS THE LAST WINNING MANAGER THIS CLUB EVER HAD! Buck Showalter’s record can’t compare to DAVEY JOHNSON’S !

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