Reimold over the Mendoza line

Nolan Reimold went 3-for-4 at Norfolk tonight, and is hitting .206 in 29 Triple-A games. Is he heating up? It’s too soon to really tell, but he is 5-for-9 in the last two games and hitting .273 over his last 10. It’s encouraging, and hopefully he can keep it up. To say the O’s could use a healthy Reimold would be a severe understatement.

*Also, the Delmarva Shorebirds will host the 2011 South Atlantic League
All-Star Game on June 21, 2011.
Congrats to them.


I have a question for you . Do you know who Mendoza is /was and why such a dismal stat is named after him hmmmm? I’m not telling. Like Casey Stengal used to say “you can look it up.” As for Reimold a tip on getting back to the Majors: he needs to get his personal life in order and walk the straight and narrow way of the Lord and with the bases loaded too !

Reinbold wouldn’t be the first player who took a long road back after suffering an achilles injury. It used to be a career ending injury. Maybe he needs to get his head on straight as well. Hope he gets hot and can rejoin the O’s before the season’s over. If he returns to form before his injury, he could help the O’s. We don’t have much prospective talent so we need the few prospects that we have to develop into quality major leaguers.

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