On the Markakis comments

I’ve gotten a few emails about the comments Nick Markakis made in the Baltimore Sun yesterday. When I first read the story I had only one thought: finally.

It needed to be said. And it needed to be said by a guy like Markakis, who is about as quiet and soft spoken a guy as I’ve seen in the three years I’ve been in baseball clubhouses. Of course, it helps when you talk about guys having the wrong approach at the plate and single in your first two at-bats, as Nick did here at Petco Park.

Will his words spark anything? Or anyone? We will see. But it’s good to see someone show a little fire on the 18-win Orioles squad.


Good hitting is contagious and there is not really anyone to catch the good hitting fever from on this club Nick included. Nick’s power stroke is absent even though his average is still Markakis like. Problem is Nick is still too young and is still ironing out some of the wrinkles in HIS approach (I wish he wouldn’t hold his bat so low takes too long to load up and swing can’t get around the high fastball very well ) but hey what do I know? I played ball but not at his level. Adam Jones should be fined everytime he strikes out on a low outside pitch or one in the dirt . Atkin’s should see a shrink before his career is over very soon.

Winning really starts with being absolutely sick about losing. It can’t be a great feeling for Nick to see the under acheivers on this team. Sure they will never be great in the short term but they have given away far too many games. It is clear that the veterans on this team lack leadership skills so good for Nick to step up and call people out. He is part of the solution and not the problem. Hope he sticks around long enough to see the winning ways return. I really wonder what Crowley is working on with our batting. I see the same mistakes over and over again. We take quality pitches or foul them off instead of driving them. We chase pitches out of the zone and rarely go deep in the count. And when we have a pitcher on the ropes, we can’t drive in runs even when we know the pitcher has to throw strikes. Nick would be even better if he had someone decent behind him in the order protecting him. Good on you Nick. At least one player cares.

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