Orioles Draft updates

The Orioles have agreed to terms with 23 of their 49 selections in the 2010 First Year Player Draft. Here’s the list with the round the player was selected in:

Riley Hornback (12), Jeremy Nowak (13),Michael Mosby (14), Joseph Oliveira (15), David Richardson (17), Scott Copeland (21), Tanner Murphy (22), Christopher Clinton (23), Timothy Adleman (24), Vincent Zazueta (25), Austin Goolsby (26), Michael Rooney (30), Adam Gaylord (31), Steven Mazur (33), Samuel Starr (34), Joseph Donaldson (35), Brad Decater (36), Austin Knight (37), Jeremy Shelby (38), Travis Strong (39), Jacob Petit (42), Preston Hale (44) and Cody Young (47).

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