Roberts still sidelined

All is not well for Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, who did not play in Monday’s extended spring game and continues to be plagued with “unrelated back pain” in Sarasota. He is expected to be reexamined tomorrow. Roberts was supposed to start playing in extended Spring games this past Friday, instead he was held out and was being treated “symptomatically” according to president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail.

Roberts wasn’t expected to play Saturday’s game, but given that it’s Monday, the unrelated back pain is looking like a little more than the “minor setback” it was originally described as.

Roberts’ originally schedule had him progressing up to a full game on June 10. That obviously will come later now. Whether this back pain is related to his herniated disc or not, I will hopefully have more information pregame tomorrow after Roberts gets checked out.

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Yes Roberts is still sidelined ,Atkins is still on the team & Alex Gordon 1b/3b a tradeable bat is still at AAA Omaha –Andy McPhail has yet to address what he is going to do to improve Oriole hitting all he does is address pitching –its incredible we drafted a position player( Machado )

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