Arrieta on the late scratch

This is what Jake Arrieta had to say following last night’s scratch which he called one of the most bizarre nights he ever had…

“I was called in there an hour before gametime and they said, ‘You’re not starting.’ They gave me the rundown of how the game was going to start out. They said if you pitch you’re going to come out of the pen, and that’s all the information they gave me. They didn’t say anything else. They’re just following orders from higher up. That’s all I knew, that’s all they knew.”

[was it frustrating?]
 “With the lack of information you feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions, but I’m sure the answers will come in the future.”

“I think there’s a good reason why they did what they did, but it’s a reason I don’t know.”

Tides manager Bobby Dickerson said he got a call at about 6 p.m.

“I was told by the farm director to use my pitchers in that order,” he said. “That’s all I knew. All I was privy to was to scratch him from the start.”


What’s going on with Josh Bell? He sat out the weekend while Brandon Snyder played 3rd base… Is Bell injured or in
Baltimore, awaiting the release of Atkins?

It would be interesting to see Josh Bell face major league pitching. If he can hit for power and give the O’s average defense then he might be useful as an extra bat on the bench and relieve Miggy at third base. Any chance Miggy might be tried at 1st base?

Bell has been sidelined with a stiff neck. –Britt

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