Arrieta late scratch in Norfolk

Update: It’s looking like Arrieta isn’t coming up. He was on stand by as the Orioles entertained the thought of using him. I’m not sure what the thought process was. But he could pitch out of relief for the Tides to keep his arm on schedule.

This could be nothing. But as about 6:50 p.m. ET Jake Arrieta was still scheduled to pitch for Triple-A Norfolk. He was a very late scratch and I’m told he’s still with the team in the dugout right now. Could the call come soon? I think so. 

I’m told he was throwing in the bullpen and playing long toss, so it doesn’t appear to be an injury. If he was sick, he would be allowed to leave the game. It’s important to note that Brad Bergesen was moved to the bullpen and will be skipped for at least his next start. Very interesting stuff, given that president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail hinted at a pending roster move yesterday.

This is looking like a call-up scenario, possibly to help shore up the ‘pen and then to assume a rotation spot. Or he could pitch solely out of relief. I think a lot of that has to do how Bergesen reacts. Arrieta is 6-2 with a 1.91 ERA. If the Orioles do recall him, they will have to make a corresponding move on their 40-man since Arrieta is not on the roster. 


I hope this kid can throw strikes ,I heard he’s had some control problems , doesn’t matter how good your fastball is or how sharp your breaking ball is if you can’t get them over the plate!

Bigbadbird, I agree. There seems to be a big difference between getting hitters out in AAA and the AL East. So being effective the right way is more important than just being effective in AAA. They don’t scout you the same way and you don’t get the face the same guy year after year. So rushing this guy to the big leagues will just add one more young pitcher that we are trying to develop at major league level. Mantusc, Bergeson, Tillman, Hernandez, Berken, Mata, Castillo is enough.

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