Trembley's farewell statement

In case you missed it in the story up on the site, former Orioles manager Dave Trembley released a statement following his official dismissal on Friday morning.

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Peter Angelos and Andy MacPhail for the opportunity to serve as manager for the Baltimore Orioles for the past three years. The results on the field were not what any of us would have hoped for, and I understand that the organization felt the time was right to move in a different direction. While I am disappointed at the outcome, I feel it was a privilege to wear the Orioles uniform each day and I thank all the fans for their tremendous support. I hope the team will soon return to the winning tradition they enjoyed for so many years.”

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Say what you want, Trembley was a class act. Nice guy and I wish him well. Too bad his players did not want to win as bad as he did. Now the guy who protected them is gone. So the now it is all on the players to show that they deserve the chance to play. Didn’t show much game one.

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