Samuel: "time to push them to the limit"

New interim manager Juan Samuel just addressed the media in a press conference. He is addressing the team as I type this, and I’ll have more up later. But first, I wanted to give you his opening statement. In case you missed it, Samuel has a reputation as a no-nonense guy around the Majors. You can read more about that here.

“As Andy [MacPhail] said, the manager can only do so much, at some point the players have to be accountable, and believe me those guys do not want to be playing the way they are playing. It’s going to be most of these guys cut down on the mistakes that we are making, running bases right. Going back to the fundamentals of baseball.

That’s something I took pride on as a player, it’s something we constantly work on at Spring Training in the four years I’ve been here now. But for some reason, guys still don’t seem to be paying to many attention to the details of the game and we are going to be addressing the issues and these guys know that I will command that of them because they are a professional. Run hard at all times. We all expect those kind of things.

Like I said, we did not want to meet under these circumstances, but the front office feels that a change needed to be made and hopefully I can inject a spark into these players. They all know me very well know the kind of guy that I am. I relate to those guys very well, I consider myself one of those guys.

So, it’s an opportunity that I’m not taking lightly. And opportunity comes in all different ways, this is the way the opportunity has come to me and I have full intention to take advantage of this opportunity and see how far we can push these guys. And turn the page.
Let these guys know that hey, the season starts today, the past is the past, what we do from now on is what we are going to be judged on, and I have full intention to push these guys as hard as I can. Push them to the limit.”

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Well the new season didn’t look much different than the old one. Rookie pitcher Tillman gets an F for the same lack of command of all his pitches. The bullpen was not much better. And our batting can best be summed up by our only solid hit of the day was from our 9th guy in the line-up. Still cannot drive runners in when we get a chance. Lots of work to do. Lots of work to do.

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