MacPhail on the changes & manager search

“So what you’re hoping to accomplish when you make a change like this is you’re hoping to ignite a spark. Give everybody a clean slate. Sort of get out of that drumbeat of what’s going to happen day to day and just give everybody a fresh start. It’s a goofy business. It’s a crazy game. I’ve spent my entire life in it. You don’t have to look  back any further than Colorado a year ago that was 18-28, they change managers and the next thing you know they’re in the postseason. It’s a goofy business and we just felt we had to give our team that opportunity to get a fresh start.”

MacPhail said the decision to go with interim Juan Samuel was an easy one and the manager search will start today.

“There was no question in all of our minds that Juan was our best choice to take over the fold. I told when, just like I mentioned to Dave Trembley when I came here three years ago. ‘Look, I don’t know whether this is going to be a matter of days, i don’t know whether it’s going to be a matter of weeks, i don’t know whether it’s going to be a matter of months.’ Dave Trembley managed three years. You just don’t know.

But we will be taking to other people while Juan manages. How that goes is going to be somewhat dependent on how the team goes and how other factors are. But I’m very delighted and excited to have somebody that commands the respect of the players that Juan does. And from my observations not somebody that will go lightly on those mistakes that we don’t need to be making.”


I don’t think you can hang this on Samuel. I did like that he was getting on Crowley and Kranitz in the dugout as the first game was the worst one this week. Does not appear that we are building but rather regressing. Need to get Samuel some coaches and players first before anyone might want this job.

What this club needs BESIDES a good fit manager is an infield that has some continuity not a patch work quilt of players past their prime (Miggy) and players who never had a prime (Lugo) We certainly need a BIG POWER BAT to anchor the lineup ! Our big power bat is a 34 year old utility infielder(Wigginton) who has done everything except sell beer at Oriole park and sadly he probably will be traded or not resign with the club. Until we get some sort of infield that can hit and are playing their natural positions we are going to get beat day after day!

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