Trembley: the eye of the hurricane

Manager Dave Trembley was asked, as point-blank as I’ve seen it, about having the tunnel approach of taking each day one game at a time despite the constant rumors of his job security.  

“My approach never will change. Never,” he said.  “I’m a steward of the ship. I’m here to do the very best I can all the time. I’m not thinking about myself, I’m thinking about the team and the organization. You do the very best you can. You don’t get wrapped up in things that you can’t control. That’s the way it is. That’s life. You go with what you got.”

While Trembley doesn’t make it a point to read the newspaper or check this blog (I don’t think), he clearly knows his days as manager of the Orioles are numbered. But I don’t think that’s anything that he would acknowledge or speak about on the record.  

I’m not defending Trembley, but I don’t think he deserves sole ownership of the last-place Orioles. He did the best he could in a crummy situation. Still, I undertand the demand (or is it need?) for a change.  At this point, a shake up is long overdue.


I feel for Dave. I don’t know him personally but I sense that he is a good honest guy. Maybe Leo Durocher was right that nice guys do finish last. It must be hell to see what is happening day after day as guys you can’t afford to lose get injured or can’t get their game to the level it should be. I think Dave has given his heart and soul. That said, baseball is a performance business and results do count. I don’t think Dave has quit but I sense the fire is not burning as strong. If I was Dave, I would have argued the obvious ball called strike on Jones. He would have been ejected but the team needs some fire. He needed to protect Jones and perhaps get the next call.

A change needs to be made somewhere. Dave. i think, is the obvious choice. Sure there is no immediate replacement, but whats it matter at this point? Cut your loses and get an interim to remain for ONLY the rest of the season. No more interim to head coach, we need a real Major league manager.

I never liked Trembley as a manager. He was a life long Minors coach which i take as him being a nice guy, good for the younger players to keep them motivated to move along. I dont want a nice guy during seasons like this. I just dont think he has the fire to take control of a sinking ship with these players. Young players need scared. We dont have the staff to do that. I would love a coach like a lou pinella to kick start something within the club house. I dont think dave can get it done.

” I dont want a nice guy during seasons like this”

Thats good because as Leo Durocher used to say “NICE GUYS FINISH LAST” and this doesn’t just apply to baseball ever notice how women seem to go for the “Bad Boys” thinking they can change them!

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