Os/Jays lineups

Just the lineups, as pregame was pretty quiet. Random fact on last night’s perfect game by Roy Halladay, the last no-hitter in Phillies history prior to Halladay was Orioles right-hander Kevin Millwood. I’ll have some Millwood comments on it up later on the site.


LF Corey Patterson
2B Julio Lugo
RF Nick Markakis
1B Ty Wigginton
3B Miguel Tejada
DH Luke Scott
CF Adam Jones
C Matt Wieters
SS Cesar Izturis

RHP Jeremy Guthrie

LF Fred Lewis
2B Aaron Hill
DH Adam Lind
CF Vernon Wells
RF Jose Bautista
SS Alex Gonzalez
1B Lyle Overbay
C John Buck
3B Edwin Encarnacion
LHP Ricky Romero


Another weak offensive effort and a rough first inning for Jeremy Guthrie. Jeremy only made a few mistakes and the two really hurt him to Gonzalez and Overbay. It is clear that other teams will keep pounding the strike zone low and high away until the O’s make them respect them. They could not even foul off pitches to drive up the pitch count. A lot of weak grounders (into DP’s) and no sign of power. Two days in a row that the Blue Jay starters went deep into the game as poor approaches lead to easy innings for the Jays starters. I don’t see the hitters making many adjustments and they don’t even seem close to hitting the ball hard. Either the players are not listening to Terry Crowley or he is no longer the expert that others make him out to be.

I’ve been an Oriole fan since the late 60’s I saw their glory years and the traditions this once proud organization once had. I can’t tell you now many Oriole baseball fans are so turned off by the circumstances of this year but there are plenty !They are either boycotting going to games or going to the Nationals or other clubs. This club is broken ,it makes sense for McPhail to let Trembley go sadly perhaps at least to signal to the fans that he is listening and wants to start a new direction. The starting pitching this year has been decent even with the recent rough spots. The infield ,in shambles with the injuries has no continuity its a patchwork of journey and utility men . The hitting is overall atrocious–It speaks volumes when your utility infielder (Wigginton) is leading the club in homers and RBIs . Weiters THE #1 DRAFT PICK isn’t hitting (where is Crowley?) . We all hope that by season’s end we have SOMETHING to cheer about in this i otherwise bleak and desolate season—Oriole fans deserve better –Baltimore deserves better!

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