Tillman time: Os/Jays lineups and tidbits

*Brian Roberts took live batting practice swings from both sides of the plate, and fielded about 50 grounders at second base today. The report is he felt great and wanted to do the same again tomorrow. (He’s down at the team’s complex in Sarasota, Fla.) That’s encouraging news, particularly given the defensive woes at second (read: Scott Moore) as of late.
*When asked directly if he’d hesitate to go with Moore at second again, Trembley said on one hand  he likes to give guys opportunities, but you got to earn the opportunity as well. “He wasn’t playing like that in Triple-A,” he said.

*David Hernandez was glad he got his first relief outing over with since the anticipating was starting to build. Does he like being the team’s long man? No. But he understands that’s the best way to ease him into the ‘pen. I personally think Hernandez projects as a back end of the ‘pen kind of guy, and the Orioles have let on that they feel the same for his future. It’s just a matter of Hernandez getting some experience and, of course, pitching well.
*The Orioles have historically struggled against lefties and faced two southpaws in the final pair of games here in Toronto. Should be interesting.
And of course, Chris Tillman makes his season debut after being recalled following last night’s game. The first inning is big for Tillman- if he can get past that we’ll see what happens…

Julio Lugo 2B
Nick Markakis RF
Ty Wigginton 1B
Miguel Tejada 3B
Luke Scott LF
Adam Jones CF
Garrett Atkins DH
Craig Tatum C
Cesar Izturis SS
Chris Tillman RHP

Fred Lewis LF
Aaron Hill 2B
Adam Lind DH
Vernon Wells CF
Jose Bautista RF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Lyle Overbay 1B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Jose Molina C
Brett Cecil LHP

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Why is Matt Weiters not the DH instead of Atkins. The team is struggling to score runs. You put a rookie on the mound and support him with a weak hitting line-up. I would be interested in hearing DT’s explanation.

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