Saturday's starter


Chris Tillman will hopefully be available to speak to the media today in Toronto. Manager Dave Trembley had fun in his pregame session earlier this week by calling Saturday’s starter (whose name was literally the elephant in the room) “thin and invisible”.

If you’ve seen Tillman, the description isn’t a stretch. He’s tall and skinny — and the Orioles hope — the answer to shut down the blistering Blue Jays bats. Toronto enters Friday tops in the American League (tied with the Red Sox) with 255 runs scored. The Jays are also tops in homers (79), RBIs (249) and doubles (199).

For comparison’s sake the Orioles have 44 homers, 164 RBIs and 70 doubles entering Friday. To be fair, the Blue Jays haven’t played as many AL East opponents as the Orioles and Friday will start a 12-game divisional stretch that should separate whether Toronto’s hot start is for real. 

When the Tillman move is made official the Os will send down a reliever, which probably won’t happen until after Friday’s game. Look for Frank Mata or Alberto Castillo to go back to Norfolk.
As for me, I’m off to the Hockey Hall of Fame for a few hours. Catch you all back here for pregame tidbits from the Rogers Centre.


Trembley has to OVER-MANAGE everything ! He managed us into a loss last night! He should have left Berken in –he can’t be happy umless he burns 4 pitchers a game! Berken matched up well against the next batter but Trembley doesn’t use stats ! Trembley MUST GO!

I don’t think you can totally blame Trembley. McPhail has once again failed to supply a quality bullpen. I wonder about the team’s strength and conditioning. They seem to get more muscle pulls and arm troubles than any other team in baseball. He has lost is closer, set up man and Koji who were all counted on. Other than Berken and Ohman, he can’t have a lot of confidence in the guys he has. So stats go out the window if you can’t bring guys in who can get the job done.

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