Jones on detainment

Adam Jones just spoke with the media to clarify what went on last night regarding his detainment…

“Basically, what happened, was they had the wrong person they thought I was somebody else. It all got situated but it took its time to get situated. It’s frustrating for me, I shouldn’t have put it out how I put it it out, its just frustrating. Now we can all just get on with it, there’s more stories, I guess, people want to stay something but everything’s taken care of on my end.”

[detained or further screening?] “We went to immigration so I would consider that detained.
Everything is cool. They said I had a criminal record, my mom raised me better than that. I have never been involved with anything criminal in my entire life. It was along, pointless situation to me because of the circumstances but I’m glad that got cleared and that won’t be a problem anymore coming into this country.”

[was it Adam Jones the NFl Player?] “I don’t know if it’s him. We got the same name obviously but I’m not going to say I was mistaken for him when I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter what I put on my Twitter page. It’s just something that never should have happened. Obviously putting it on my Twitter page, it’s gaining pointless exposure. I’ve learned my lesson [smiles].”

[were you alone?]
“I’m not going to say who was there with me. I wasn’t the only person there.”

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