Ohman's the man, so far

Save situation or not, manager Dave Trembley was going to call for Will Ohman in the ninth inning on Tuesday.

“We don’t have per se a bonafide closer. If you have a bonafide closer in the ninth, you probably don’t bring a guy in when it’s a four-run lead, when it’s not a save situation,” Trembley said. “But I think you’ve got to bring in the best guy you have in that situation with experience. Ohman hasn’t given up any runs. Let’s try to put a lid on it and win the game. It really doesn’t matter there about matchups – right, left. They haven’t scored off him, we’ve got the lead, he’s already warmed up.

“Plus, Berken’s down there and he’s a younger guy and as soon as you sit him down, maybe the switch in his head goes off and says, ‘Hey, I’m not in it.’ You see this a lot with young guys and you see this a lot with young closers late in the game. Once the game gets one way or the other, I’ve seen it with young closers, you get way ahead and then all of a sudden, boom, it gets close and they’ve shut it down mentally for the day, and now you ask them to flick the switch again, you’re asking for trouble. So, I wouldn’t do that to Berken.”

The question is does Ohman get the ball in the next save spot? I’d say more often than not that’s the case.  Trembley has mentioned how valuable Ohman is as a situational lefty, but he’s still their best reliever right now. And who do you trust to get the final three outs? Your best guy.

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