Trembley on Koji, pending roster moves

There’s been speculation about what will happen if when Koji Uehara is placed on the disabled list. When asked point-blank if the Orioles would bring up a reliever, this is what manager Dave Trembley said….

“There’s all kinds of possibilities. And I couldn’t tell you which way we are going right now, but I understand what you are alluding to. I’m very much aware of it, [president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail is] very much aware of it,[pitching coach Rick Kranitz is] very much aware of it. I know Koji feels absolutely terrible. The timing of [his injury] couldn’t have come at a worse time for us.  

We know what the possibilities [are] but to be very honest with you I couldn’t tell you what we are going to do.”

“I know this, what you don’t need is another guy in the bullpen that throws one inning. That’s what you don’t need. You need somebody that can give you multiple innings because people are on [Matt] Albers, people are on [Cla] Meredith. You have to go with what you have. I’ve used those guys an awful lot and you need somebody to give you more than one inning. That’s just what you need.

“I was hoping to get that out of [Mark] Hendrickson yesterday, didn’t happen.  That’s why I stayed with [starter Brad] Bergesen, I’d like to see what everybody said if I had taken Bergesen out of after five. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You got to understand what’s going on.”

This will be Koji’s fourth trip to the DL since he joined the Orioles last season. Given his success in Japan, this is not what anyone expected.

“All I knew was his history, that he pitched, he had a lot of innings and he pitched very well. And that’s what my expectation was. I think that’s what everybody’s expectation was,” Trembley said.

“The decision was made, the right one, to put him in the bullpen [this year]. Short stints, he was going to help our club, we slot him right in. We have what potentially looks like another setback and it’s difficult to deal with. I like putting him out there.

“For the most part he’s reliable, he gets your three outs and he doesn’t throw a lot of pitches. He’s good.”

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