Orioles playing catch up

After a 2-16 start the Orioles became the first team in baseball to hit the 30-loss mark with Saturday’s 6-6 defeat at Nationals Park.  When asked if he felt the team was playing more like a .500 club manager Dave Trembley agreed.  But digging out of a terrible start has been a tough task in the season’s first month-and-a-half given the O’s inconsistency.
“It seems like every time we are ready to turn the corner something happens,” Trembley said.

“There’s a little setback, a little bump in the road so to speak. It’s been tough.”

Following their third win on April 25, the O’s started an 10-8 stretch before May 15’s heartbreaking loss. In that game, starter Brian Matusz’s seven scoreless innings went for naught as closer Alfredo Simon was charged with four ninth-inning runs, and Cla Meredith surrendered another four to give the Indians an 8-2 win.

“I felt like we were ready to turn the corner and we lost the game to Cleveland,” Trembley said. We had that lead and Simon came in, and we lost that one. That would have given us the opportunity to win back to back series and it didn’t happen. So we took a step backwards, we came in and split against Kansas City and that’s why [Sunday’s] game I think is particularly important to us…going into [Monday’s off day.”

The Orioles have gone 12-14 since getting off to the second-worst start in franchise history and entered Sunday’s finale with a series record of 2-10-2.
“Any team in baseball is going to go through a losing streak, if it happens in the middle of the year it’s a little bit easier to accept,” Trembley said. “But when people wait all winter and it’s the start of the season and you start out as poorly as we did it becomes a lot more magnified.”

“So now we are trying to catch up. And in order to catch up we have to win as many series as we possibly can. And that’s what we are trying to do.”

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