A seething Trembley

Orioles manager Dave Trembley was very curt following his team’s 4-3 10th-inning loss to the Nationals, cutting off the media session by nearly running away as he called, “that’s about it.”

“A lot of things happened in the game that have been repetitive, but the intent to play hard, to come back, the things that are very apparent, speak for themselves,” he said.
When asked about losing the game in the 10th, he chose to ignore the question by answering: “I thought we did a hell of a job in the ninth inning to get back in it.”

When asked about the lack of bench depth and having to use slumping Garret Atkins in a big spot in the ninth Trembley said: “I thought Atkins had a very good at-bat. He didn’t get the hit. The game, there’s a lot of stories, different chapters within the game. A lot of different things happened.”

Including Corey Patterson’s failure to tag up on a ball hit in the sixth. When asked about that, Trembley responded curtly: “That is about as plain as the nose on my face, what you should do. That was a mistake that was made by a guy with a lot of experience. You can go ask Corey Patterson instead of asking me because that’s an insult to my intelligence.”


Corey’s mistake is minor compared to the mistakes Trembley himself has made in his stint as manager. The fans in Baltimore want a fresh start with a new manager and are frustrated that they are being ignored while better mangers are being fired all over MLB for alot less.We have 31 losses and Its not going to get any better for aa long while especially under a manager that HAS NEVER WON ANYTHING TO SPEAK OF. –Hey DAVEY JOHNSON will be in town in June for the 1970 Championship team reunion hint hint–you get the picture.

Anyone in the minors that might make a good closer?

Not to mention throwing Patterson under a bus like that. A manager should deflect blame away from his players. Hopefully they are not his players much longer; perhaps we could get someone who knows baseball instead…

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