The Lone Star state

The Orioles are coming off a 6-2 4-4 homestand (see what I did there?) and will have a quick two-game set in Texas starting tonight with Jeremy Guthrie on the hill. He will be opposed by Rangers starter Rich Harden who is coming off a start aganst the Royals Saturday night. Harden went five innings giving up two earned runs on six hits while walking two and striking out three in the no-decision.

Tonight is the kind of game the Orioles can win if they can figure out Harden (the only regular who has faced him more than a handle of times is Miguel Tejada, who is hitting .250 in 12 career ABs).

Unfortunately, the two night games in Texas makes for tricky travel plans, and MLB opted for me to instead be ready for IL play in D.C. on Friday. But all your Orioles news will still be on and I’ve informed the highly-capable Todd Wills of the standards we have with here with the O’s. (Hey last-place teams, don’t deserve last place coverage- right?)

Some quick things to look for before I try to get my apartment in order: I would imagine Garrett Atkins would get the start in at least one, if not both, of these games. I grilled Trembley a bit on it yesterday and he made it clear that until there’s another feasible option, Atkins is the option. I still think Luke Scott’s hot bat sees time over there this weekend. They could also move Ty Wigginton over and put Julio Lugo at second base, which is what would have happenend when Lugo pinch-ran on Monday had the O’s tied the game.

Trembley mentioned a roster move coming for Friday’s game, which will probably spell the end for Alberto Castillo. Who comes up? A position player. Possibly Michael Aubrey, who is heating up. And he just so happens to play first base.

Finally, if you missed it, I wrote that the O’s won one for Kevin Millwood last night. He’s far too classy of a game to come out and say it, but seriously…are they ever going to get this guy a W?





Like many have been saying Atkins is contributing zero, nada, zilch to the offense so if we release him its the same except we free up a roster spot –we pay him 4.5 mil either way and he still contributes nothing so whats the loss? One loss is if we continue to pay him we lose even faster with no production coming from the 1st base position.Its not like this guy is really old or is coming back from major surgery he has lost his stroke (maybe his roids too)and he is hurting our offense –didn’t Andy say this year was about wins ?Well then!

Kila Ka’aihue & Alex Gordon remember both these names please! They are both are 26 yr old 1st baseman/3b hitters in the KC organization. Both are rotting away cause KC doesn’t need a 1stbaseman so somebody ASK ANDY McPhail why not a trade its not like we are asking for an Adrian Gonzalez these are minor leaguers with some upside.This could solve our 1st base problem!

Garrett Atkins is now 0-7 in the lonestar state O’s lose 4-3.

Sigh how much longer we staying with this guy?

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