All things Bergy and Butler

How bad are things going for the O’s right now? Brad Bergesen is told to throw a pitch away to Billy Butler, as in out of the strike zone, and instead leaves on for Butler to crush for a decisive RBI-double.

“He’d been kind of getting me out the last two times before that on sliders,” Butler said. “He left one over the plate and I wasn’t going to wait. I was just ready first-pitch to hit one.”
Bergesen said it was simply missed location.

“[Pitching coach Rick Kranitz] and Wieters both came out there and told me, ‘All 0-2 pitches, everything out of the zone.’ And sure enough, first pitch, I try and get it down and I hung one right in the zone and he made me pay for it,” Bergesen said.  “I can’t do that. That was the deciding factor in the game. “

“Absolutely, that was a missed location. They told me to have it out of the zone and I left it in the middle of the plate.”

You might recall Butler was the guy ended Bergesen’s season on a liner that hit his left shin in start last July.

“I knew I was going to face a couple of questions about [facing him],” Bergesen said. “No, it wasn’t in the back of my mind at all. I was more affected by him hitting that double today like he did. He’s a good hitter.”

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YOU CAN’T BE PERFECT EVERY PITCH. No pitcher does that no matter how good they are . If we score 5 runs we win .Bergy is doing fine for a second year pitcher coming off 2 injuries one major. Bergy keeps us close almost every game. The offense especially the production from 1st base is abyssmal is in a hugh part responsible for these type of losses. The sooner we replace Atkins,the more these type of one run games we will win.

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