From the other side..

The Orioles have lost three straight. The Royals have won 3 out of 4 since dismissing Trey Hillman in favor of Ned Yost. Before I get a million emails, I’m just saying- these appear to be two clubs in different directions right now.

Here’s  Royals starter Kyle Davies on the managerial change giving them an edge…

“I think this team has always had the ability to play well – always. We have a great mix of guys and we all have great chemistry. I don’t think there’s any correlation in a change in managers. Guys are playing well now. We went through a six-game losing streak and I think four of the six games were by one run. We won tonight’s one-run game. To be successful as a big league team you have to be able to win those one-run games.”

If you’re curious the Orioles are 6-7 in one-run games this season, with Monday’s loss included.

“We didn’t have a lot of chances, but every chance we got, we scored one or we got a big hit. I think our defense tonight probably saved me a couple of runs,” Davies said. “To get out of those situations, you’ve got to have some good plays made behind you and we made them and we were able to capitalize on our end.”

“Especially the first couple of innings, there was a lot of baserunners and they didn’t score a whole lot of runs. As soon as you get past, you think, ‘It’s got to get better from here.’ You get out of that with only one run given up and you feel pretty good about it.”

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