C-Pat sparking the O's

Well, since he’s replacing B-Rob at the top of the lineup the nickname etiquette should be the same, no?
Jokes aside, Corey Patterson has provided a nice spark in his first 24 hours in an Orioles uniform. Several of the reporters were joking with him about the pressure for an encore.  
“[It’s been] a little bit whirlwind, but it’s all worth it,” Patterson said on Thursday.

“I’m glad to come in, help these guys win some games. It’s not just going to be one person. It’s still going to be a total team effort. What we’ve got to do is just pick each other up like we did today.”
Making his second straight start in left field on Thursday, Patterson gunned out Josh Wilson on an inning-ending outfield assist to home plate and led off the eighth inning with a solo homer. The speedy outfielder also doubled in the sixth and has provided a much-needed speed threat for the Roberts-less O’s.

“He’s a guy that has pop [at the plate],” catcher Matt Wieters said. “But he’s also a fast guy like you saw [on Thursday]. And with B-Rob out he’s a guy that can get on, steal bases for us, get in scoring position. And even in the outfield he gives us more range where he can get to some balls and he can get some outs for us.”

Patterson singled in his second-at bat on Wednesday, his first hit after having his contract purchased from Triple-A Norfolk prior to the game.

“I told him [Wednesday] night when he got here, I said ‘You will be the leadoff guy, you got the green light, bunt, steal make some things happen for us,'” manager Dave Trembley said. “I think you will see him pick it up.”

The Orioles have a Major League-worst nine steals in their first 35 games, two of which came from Roberts. Given how the O’s offense has struggled, to say having a speed threat like Patterson atop the lineup is a welcome change would be a vast understatement.
“When you hit into 38 double plays it’s refreshing to have somebody who can [steal],” Trembley said.  “We’re not the lone ranger in that department if you look at Major League baseball and the lack of speed, quickness. It’s nice to have those guys.”

True, Baltimore isn’t the only team struggling to establish a run game. But to put their nine steals in perspective, there are nine players are in the double-digits in stolen bases. (As of about 7 p.m. ET Thursday evening, that is.). Nine guys have more steals individually than the Orioles combined.

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