Trembley: What can i say?

As I watched the Orioles hit into a pair of inning-ending double plays in the first two innings off Yankee starter Andy Pettitte I wondered, how many of these guys are batting below .200?

The answer is five: Julio Lugo, Craig Tatum, Lou Montanez, Luke Scott and Nolan Reimold.

All five of those guys are below the Mendoza line, with Adam Jones‘ .225 not worth celebrating either. The Orioles have scored two runs in the first 21 innings of the series and are being outscored by opponents 140-92. (By the way, all these stats are through the third inning of Sunday’s game.)

My question is what do you do? I know fans have called for manager Dave Trembley’s head, but honestly, I don’t know what anyone else would do that Trembley hasn’t tried.

In today’s pregame, Tremley talked about the lack of timely hitting. It’s become a nearly-daily routine.

“I don’t know what more I could say. I think I’ve been about as up front as I possibly can be. What more would you like me to say? What more can I say? I don’t have any magic answers,” Trembley said.

“And I have to be courteous and polite because that camera is rolling and you all have a job to do. I don’t know what more I could say. I’m not here to make excuses. The facts are the facts. We haven’t gotten it done with the opportunities that we’ve had.

“Does that mean it’s the end of the world? No, today is another day. When you give up the hope and the dream and the feel, you cash it in. I’m not ready to do that, nor are the players. I think it has to turn, sooner or later, it will come in your favor. It’s difficult to keep repeating that story, but that’s what the game is.”

“I remember a few years ago, Jeter was what, 0-for-30? People kept asking him, ‘what’s going on here?’ ‘Oh, I’ll get it tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another day.’ All of you keep asking me the same things. That’s how the game is. It will even out. There are 600 plate appearances that most of these guys get. It will even out. The guys that can hit, they will hit. The guys that don’t hit won’t. Rhyne Sandberg was a Hall of Famer. Look at his numbers. He never hit over .200 in the month of April. Look it up. He hit .300 every damn year. I’m going off a little bit because you guys want all this. I’ll give it to you, but be fair with me. Be fair. That’s all I’m asking. I hope we score 15 today so everybody can come in and say, ‘Ah man, you guys were doing great today.’ How about that??”

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Pettite’s tossed three scoreless innings so far, with the Orioles trailing, 3-0.

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