Markakis: it's not like we aren't trying

So much went wrong in Wednesday’s 7-5 loss to the Yankees that a lot of my quotes didn’t make it in. I thought the Nick Markakis ones were pretty telling, and needed to be shared…

“I wouldn’t say we necessarily gave [the game] to them. It’s not like we were running out there and not trying. That’s the game. When the pitcher makes a good pitch, he gets a groundball double play. That’s what he’s supposed to do,” Markakis said. “We just made some bad plays. That’s just the way things are going right now. We need to figure it out and figure it soon.”

When asked by reporters to summarize the season’s first month, Markakis didn’t hold anything back.  [Although I had to edit out the curse.]

“The same way you guys would summarize it – pretty [bad] right now. We knew we had to battle. The first month of our schedule, we knew how many games we were going to have to play against our own division. We knew they were going to be tough.  It just leads to other things and you end up putting yourself in bad situations. That’s what we’ve been doing.”

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With Roberts out, what about Markakis leading off? Guy can hit for average and gets on base a ton. Doesn’t run like Roberts, but he will do a good job of getting on base. Hitting with somebody on base more often could help Jones climb out of his slump. Obviously, Nick is not the long term solution to lead off, but he might be the next best option for the short term.

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