Thorne on Harwell

I’ll have a story up on later on the passing of former Orioles broadcaster and legendary Detroit voice Ernie Harwell, but I wanted to share some thoughts I got in between innings from current Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne. If you didn’t hear, Harwell passed away Tuesday night, losing the battle he had with an inoperable form of cancer in his bile duct. He was 92.

“When I first came into the game, Ernie was a well known veteran and he was as kind to me as you can possibly be,” Thorne said.

“I always came to him with questions, he never said no. He just loved the game so much, he couldn’t be around baseball enough because he cared so much about the game, the players and the fans.”

“Ernie always broadcast for the fans. And his idea was make the game as entertaining and as accurate as you can be. If you’ve done that, you’ve done your job as a broadcaster. And that’s exactly what he did.”

“I always said if there was ever a rocking chair broadcaster it was Ernie Harwell. You could sit there for 20 innings and listen, and never got tired of what he did on the air.”

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