Looking for Luke


Where did Luke Scott go?
Granted the Orioles offense has struggled as a whole this season, but a closer look at Scott’s numbers reveals that he’s been slumping for much longer. Since last July, really.

In the first half of last season, Scott went 71-for-233 (.305) with 18 homers and 51 RBIs. He didn’t come close to those numbers post All-Star break, hitting .208 (45-for-216) with seven homers and 26 RBIs.

In 23 games played, Scott is hitting .187 including an 0-for-4 appearance with three strikeouts on Sunday.  So, since last July Scott is just 59-for-291 (.203) with 10 homers and 34 RBIs. Not good.

This season, Scott is hitting equally dismal off right-handed pitching (.186) and left-handed pitching (.188) and has 21 strikeouts, second only to Adam Jones’ 25. He’s always been a streaky hitter, but this is an awful long downturn.


It’s unfortunate. I really think Luke is trying to hard to be the Orioles’ power hitter. We don’t actually need a power hitter, because we haven’t had one since Brady hit 50 something back in the day.

Instead, we just need people to get on base. Luke could be a 50 double hitter if he stopped trying to swing for the fences.

I hope he turns it around, we really need his bat in our lineup, especially with the way the team has been hitting this year.

Respectfully, Luke has to go. The only pitches he has hit hard have been off-speed (with little or no movement) or Wakefield’s knuckleball (65 mph). He CAN NOT catch up with major league fastballs below the belt, and the majors have known this since last June…about the time his “slump” started. I would dump him at any cost, now. Send a message to the other slumpers that failure is not acceptable. When you’re a one-trick pony who has lost your ability to perform that one solitary skill you possessed, off to the glue factory.
If the O’s keep him, would somebody PLEASE explain to Mr. Scott that there is a left field on every ballfield, and as a “hitter” you are allowed to hit the ball to that field at anytime you’re at bat? In addition, if you swing at the first pitch EVERY at bat, you are doing yourself no favors starting off in a hole.

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