Trembley to fans: you stick with your team

Coming off a half-filled Camden Yards (made up of mostly Yankees fans) the last three games, Orioles manager Dave Trembley was asked what he would like to say to fans to get them to start coming out again.

“If you love your team, you love them through good times and bad times and you stick with them, because sooner or later this team will turn it around and you want to be here when that happens,” Trembley said of his 4-18 squad.

“And you understand in life that nothing comes easy, and you will go through it and you will struggle, and how you handle it will say a lot about how you’re going to handle it when it turns around.”

“This is what we have, this is our ballclub, this is our city, this is the Baltimore Orioles. We’re very proud. It will eventually turn around. There’s a lot of baseball to play.”


Good! for dave if you are a true fan you stick with them win or loose! i have taken alot of grief from co-workers for being and Oriole fan from Penna. and not a Phillie fan, however my entire family our bird fans my husband and i since the days of the late 60’s to the present and my son and his boys have grown up the same way being on oriole fan. and yes i think there are sone really great talents on the team and am excited every year for baseball to start. not the best of times lately but stiill a die hard oriole fan. christal

good for dave i agree if you are a true fan you stick with your team. over the years i have taken alot of grief from co-workers for not being a phillie fan living in pa. but my husband converted me to the orioles 40+ years ago so i have seen the good times and I do believe they will come back again. the team has some of the best talent out there on the club and they will get back on track and will be in the world series again one of these years. we must just be patient and stick by our team as fans and not always be bad mouthing them which is difficult at times but they will dominate the east again as they did in the 70’s. christal from pennsylvania

Dave Trembley says stick with the O’s. In past years I said to myself that the way this guy manages it does not appear that he wants to win. Now he tells us that he was ordered to develop players not win. Is he still developing players? When Robinson Cano is as hot as he can be, do you pitch to him? Or do you pitch around him, giving him nothing good to hit. Maybe you walk him, giving him first base rather than a double and 2 home runs. Is Trembley developing players or trying to win. MacPhail did come from the Cubs, talk about losers, and I thought we were making progress but losing every season since ’97 does try one’s patience. Dave Trembley is the worst manager in the history of the Orioles. You could look it up. Don’t count Jimmy ***** one season, and Frank Robinson had nothing to work with. I was happy to see Johnson get sent down, he, especially against the Yankees was an embarrassment. Now send down or out Guthrie, obtained from the worst organization in baseball, the Tribe. I’m out.

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