Girardi "frustrated" with Guthrie

This will be in tonight’s game story as well, but wanted to make sure it didn’t get bypassed. Yankees manager Joe Girardi was not happy about Jeremy Guthrie hitting Jorge Posada in the right knee in the second innings of Wednesday’s game. Guthrie also hit Mark Teixeira in the right elbow in a Spring Training game on March 29, and combined with Posada’s plunking, it was enough to prompt some choice words.

“I really don’t think you’re trying to lead off an inning by hitting a guy. I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, but he hits a lot of people. It’s frustrating for us,” Girardi said. We know he’s going to pitch inside and I don’t have a problem with pitching inside. But what do you expect, me to be happy our guys are getting plunked? I’m frustrated by it. I wish he had better command. “

“I like our guys to pitch inside, but when our guys are getting plunked, I’m not going to be happy about it. We don’t have Posada probably (Thursday), and we missed Tex for a few days in Spring Training. If it was during the season, we would have lost Tex for three or four days. I’m not criticizing Jeremy Guthrie, I’m just saying I’m frustrated by it.”

Posada told reporters he didn’t think it was a DL scenario and Guthrie apologized for the pitch, which was unintentional.

“I’m apologetic for the fact that if he were to miss some time, that would be a shame that it was a pitch that got away from me that had that result,” Guthrie said. “But ultimately, I’m going out there and trying to compete. I don’t ever want to give up free baserunners because I can’t afford those as we’ve seen throughout my career.”


Tell gilded Girardi the man who was too good (or is it too smart?) to manage the Orioles to get a life more frustrated are Oriole fans who due to no salary cap have to watch even Maryland natives like Teixiera get snatched up by the Bankees and their ridiculous payroll so that Girardi can pad his win totals.

“Joe Girardi was not happy about Jeremy Guthrie hitting Jorge Posada’

Its too bad the Orioles don’t have a Bob Gibson or a Don Drysdale on their pitching staff these guys would NOT apologize but chuckle at Girardi’s comment and promptly deck the next Yankee hitter to dig in on them . Guthrie has NO NEED TO apologize UNLESS HE was intentionally throwing at them? Whatever happened to ballplayers that were real men? Oh I know most are in the Hall of Fame!

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