Postgame Meredith, Hughes and Hernandez

More on the Orioles win today at Fenway Park. Here are some of the post-game quotes that didn’t make it in my game story.

Cla Meredith- who recorded his first save in his 272nd career relief appearance.
“I’m just happy to get a chance to get the ball in my hand and get the job done for the ballclub.”

Is it better here as a former Red Sox, to do it at Fenway Park?

“I think every reliever might perform a little bit better when the chips are on the line. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way. But it certainly helps you out a little bit when you are in Fenway Park. We have been scuffling as a ballclub and you get an opportunity to get us in the win column and it definitely helps you out a little bit.”

“It is big [to pull out the win]. If you look at any good team around the league and the one-run games, the close games are the ones that they win and they define you as a ballclub. Certainly not what I did but what the boys did out there today, hanging in there, coming back, throwing some runs up on the board, maybe that will springboard us and we’ll have a nice day off tomorrow and we’ll try to get rolling.”

Starter David Hernandez on watching the team put up some runs

“We have a good lineup, it’s only a matter of time before we start clicking and the last two games we have hit the ball pretty well. Hopefully the runs will show up because of it.”
Hernandez had to finish up his workout and was watching the game in the clubhouse with some of the pitchers.

“We were watching the delay, so we were hearing the Red Sox fans cheering, and we were like, oh, it’s probably not a good thing coming up. So it was pretty tough watching it in here.

“We eventually went into the backroom and they were showing it live. We couldn’t take the 10 second delay and hearing fans cheer and what not.”

Rhyne Hughes

“When Wiggy caught that last out, that feeling was like nothing else. This place was rocking, those guys were trying to make a comeback, it was a lot of fun.”

Has this sunk in yet?

“Last night I think adrenaline was kicking in big time but today I settled down a little more. And that’s what I said yesterday, I was talking to Luke [Scott], I said, ‘I just went to get past the wow stage and get to playing ball’. There’s situations that are going to come up up here that I haven’t been in, but I’m just going to try to stay relaxed and let it stay the same game.”
“Sure it’s a big relief, we finally get one. To finally come out on top, it feels really good. Winning always feels good, it makes everything better.”

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