Ohman/JJ face the music

Will Ohman and Jim Johnson were both right at their
lockers following Wednesday’s loss. It’s always appreciated, especially given
how they both had a hand in the O’s heartbreaking demise in the eighth. Ohman
came on with two outs and threw eight straight balls, intentionally walking Victor
Martinez and giving David Ortiz a free pass to load the bases and bring on
Johnson. The Orioles’ de facto closer, Johnson walked Adrian Beltre on five
pitches to score the game’s decisive run.

are their post-game quotes, most of which didn’t make it into my game story due
to space.


decide the game in the seventh or eighth inning, I didn’t get it done. This
isn’t anybody’s fault but mine, personally. I gave [the Red Sox] momentum when
they didn’t necessarily have it. There’s a runner on third with two outs and I
have got two chances to get a guy out and I don’t even throw a pitch close
that’s on me.”


exactly went wrong?

just stuck it up. I didn’t get it done.”

frustrating in that we needed a pick-me-up and I gave us a let-me-down. I
didn’t get it done. Nobody’s fault but mine.”

gave them a position where JJ had to come and pick me up and it shouldn’t have
been there. I don’t care what park we are in or who we are facing I did not get
it done.”



didn’t throw a whole lot of strikes, and you obviously can’t defend against the
walks. That’s inexcusable. That’s terrible. You can’t lose a game on walking in
a guy with the bases loaded. That’s just horse[ bleep] on my part.”


how frustrating it was to see the Orioles tie the game and then have the ‘pen
give it up…

battled back, Jonesy hits the two run shot to get us back in it. We scrap, not
a favorable call during that one inning [with Reimold in the top of the eighth]
that we did score but we still grounded it out and then that eighth inning
things got away from us.

at how many guys did we walk in the eighth inning You can’t do that. You can’t
do that at the end of the game.”

got to be able to close the book on those guys, You can’t let them get on base
without swinging the bats.”


 Five of the Orioles’ six arms issued a walk. What was going

not like we are tryin’ to do that. We’ve got to figure it out. I’m trying to
throw a ball down the middle and it just isn’t going there. That last pitch to
Beltre. I’ve got to make him try to hit the ball and put it in play.”

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