It's worth repeating..

While at this nice little Irish pub for dinner, I caught the
highlights from the Brewers’ 20-0 rout of the Pirates.  Naturally, covering the Orioles, I thought to
myself,” TWENTY RUNS! Have I seen 20 runs?”

Yes, I have (although never at once). But, do
you know how many Orioles  games back you have to go to equal the Brewers output from
tonight? Eight.

Yup, you have to add the O’s offensive output from the last
eight games (where they went 1-7) to equal what Milwaukee did with their
historic win. It’s fair to say Baltimore could use some runs.

Also, if you took an off day with the team today (and I can’t say I blame you), I previewed the Boston series earlier in the blog and wrote an Inbox on some of the biggest questions surrounding the team. Check ’em out. Let me know what you think.


Concerning the question on DT’s future. I understand your point of the limited possibilities available during the season. However if things don’t turn around quickly and nothing is done the team would appear to be throwing in the towel on the season. They have to do something. You can’t fire all the players,therefore new leadership is the only answer.

Reminds me of this masterpiece:

Same day Trembley was tapped as permanent manager.

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