Hi all, just wanted to let you know I won’t be in Seattle (I’m finally moving in to a place in Baltimore) and will rejoin the team for Thursay’s off day in Boston.

This does’t mean much for you (besides a slower Twitter frequency) since all the O’s news will still be on

With Brad Bergesen, David Hernandez and Kevin Millwod scheduled to take the hill, it should be interesting series for the struggling O’s. They have to face Felix Hernandez, but I think taking two of three would go a long, long way in helping the O’s get back on track before heading to Fenway. If the rotation stays the same they’ll face Lester, Lackey and Wakefield. (Although don’t quote me on that order.)

Koji Uehara was supposed to throw a simulate game today, and if all goes well you’d have to image he’s 7-10 days away from rejoining the team. Keep an eye on Miggi, who basically said yesterday he will play through some pain if he has to. I don’t expect Trembley to start him today, but he could certainly get in during this Seattle series. His energy and hustle is sorely needed.



How long do the O’s stick with Trembley?

Hey Britt. Since you;ve been in Baltimore this week, any rumors on replacing Trembley.

Haven’t really been in Baltimore except to unload my UHaul truck yesterday. But I will have some thoughts up on the Trembley situation in my inbox on later today.

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