Ripken's response

Here is the statement issued by Cal Ripken in response to the FOX Sports report last week that said owner Peter Angelos turned down Ripken for a job within the organization.

“In my baseball experience, rumors and stories seem to break when
things aren’t going well. Let me address recent media reports.

“First I want to say that Mr. Angelos never said that he didn’t
want me to get credit for any success that the club might have. That’s
just not true.

“”I have had a very good relationship with Peter for a long time.
He has been an advisor to me, a great supporter of my foundation and
it is because of him that we have an Orioles affiliate in Aberdeen.

“I have met with Andy and Peter on a number of occasions to discuss many
subjects. Ultimately our discussions have turned to baseball, the
Orioles and me. I have enjoyed those talks very much, and yes the
subject has been broached about me potentially joining the organization.
I look forward to those talks continuing.

“I have been consistent in my statements about a return to baseball
since my retirement in 2001. With my son Ryan approaching the end of
high school in a couple of years I have been thinking more seriously
about a return to the big league game. I am more excited now to explore
all opportunities and find the right situation that could lead me to the
next phase of my life.”

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