Braden, Millwood on the game

Here’s Dallas Braden talking about his performance tonight. He has pretty much
owned the O’s and improved to 5-1 with a 1.57 ERA in six starts against them.

“I always like to stress strike one. Again, I think that was
the prevalent thing for me tonight was being able to kind of force the issue
with them. I know they’ve got some guys there when you get behind or you start
to get guys on base or you get in trouble, they can do some damage with one
swing of the bat,” Braden said. “I’m sure that ball [Ty] Wigginton hit is
probably sitting on my coffee table right now in Stockton. That’s a prime
example of keeping it down and not letting them hurt you.”

Braden’s gem against the Orioles is nothing new. He’s the
ninth opposing starter in 11 games to pitch at least six innings and the sixth
starter to go at least seven. Usually starters don’t go deep into games this consistently
in April.  But for those of you have seen
the ugly offensive stats the Orioles have put up, it’s not surprising.

“It’s just frustrating,” Kevin Millwood said.
“We’re not getting blown out, we’re just not winning. It’s definitely
frustrating, but we have another game tomorrow so you can’t let it beat you
down too much.”

“The year I was in Cleveland, we had a rough start,” said
Millwood who is 0-2 despite three quality starts. “That’s just the way it is.
You have to come out of it sooner or later. Hopefully, it’s sooner.”

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