Who closes for the Os?

It won’t be Mike Gonzalez Tuesday night. Manager Dave Trembley said he wasn’t sure when he would use Gonzalez –who returned to the team on Tuesday following the birth of his baby girl in Arizona — but all signs point away from the ninth inning.

Gonzalez is here, but I haven’t seen him yet. He’s supposed to be working with pitching coach Rick Kranitz, and he won’t be closing games until Kranny gives him the OK.

“He came here to be the closer,” Trembley said. “Like I said before he left to attend the birth of his child, I thought it was in his best interest and in the team’s best interest not to put him out there in a closing situation until he got some mechanical things straightened out.”

“The perfect scenario would be to be ahead 9-1 in the ninth and  not have to worry about it. We need a laugher.”

Although Trembley’s doing a decent job holding it together, he’s clearly frustrated by the Gonzalez situation. It’s cost the O’s two wins already and there really is on clear successor should Gonzo continue to struggle. Koji Uehara is still on the DL (although he’s moved up to throwing bullpens) and Kam Mickolio is in Triple-A to work on his command. Jim Johnson could get moved back, but he seems to thrive on the setup man role. Moving him back weakens both the 8th and 9th inning.

” I don’t know what to tell you, the guy is a closer – get three outs, lets shake hands and go in and get something to eat and get ready for the next game,” Trembley said of Gonzalez.  “The bottom line is, you have a job to do, do it – get it done.” 


Will Ohman!

“What Tejada did today was probably one of the most unselfish team plays I’ve seen in a long, long time,” Orioles manager Dave Trembley said of his cleanup hitter’s decision to bunt. “The guy loves to win, wants to win. He’ll do anything for the club.”
Trembley is perhaps the worst manager I have ever seen.
In Little League we are taught NEVER to slide into 1st base.
It is the one base we are allowed to overrun. It has been proven time and time again that you get to 1st base faster,always, by running through the base.
The only conceivable reason to slide into a baseis to avoid a tag.I refuse to believe that Tejada could actually see where the throw was. He was after a highlight reel play.
Sliding into 1st has caused far more injuries than are reported.
It’s a showboat, stupid, looks good on ESPN highlight play and for the manager to praise it proably explains why the Birds are 1-10.
So now the unselfish Tejada may be on the DL over a stupid play which noone, not even the intrepid ex swimmer, Britt, or the overpaid fool, Trembley mentions.
With this type of anaysis by the braintrusts of a once proud franchise, it is very apparent that you folks are well on the way to 100 losses.Congrats.

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