Markakis airs his frustrations

More about the Orioles offense from the usually reserved Nick Markakis.


“It’s not fun. It sucks. I think overall, our pitching is
doing a great job. Our offense needs to pick it up. I know for myself in the
three hole, I need to be more aggressive, get things going,” he said. “We just
all need to relax. It’s a long season. I know it’s not the way we wanted to
start, but we have to keep battling. Just go out there and things will start
going our way eventually.”


Manager Dave Trembley
alluded to guys pressing with Brian
now on the disabled list, Markakis said he’s just trying to recognize
pitches and get a good swing.


“I’m started to hit the ball a little bit better than I have
been. I just need to calm down and relax,” he said. “It’s a long season. Eight
games, it’s not going to make or break your season. A lot of people struggle early


Would he welcome the lineup shuffling Trembley mentioned
post-game Monday night?


“Whatever he wants to do to get things going, I’m all for
it. You have to do what you got to do,” he said. “I know as hitters, we’re
trying our best to do what we have to do. I know all of us, we don’t really


Is he seeing the ball well?


“I’m seeing the ball great. I just think it’s a timing issue
right now. Some people when they lose their timing, it takes a while to get
back.  I think I’m one of the guys where
I need to get a good number of at-bats under my belt just to see the pitches.
It doesn’t help with the guys that they’re throwing at us, but we’re going to
see them all year and we’re going to battle all year.”


On the Orioles’ small crowd:


“We still go to go out there and play baseball. I could care
less if there was nobody in the stands. We just have to go out there and play
and not worry about that kind of stuff.”

1 Comment

I was at the game tonight, and it was sadly emptyūüė¶

I know Nick says he doesn’t care, but its got to stink playing in an empty beautiful ball park like that. At the same time, what happened on the field tonight was brutal to watch, so I understand others not wanting to come out.

Go O’s

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