Gonzo leftovers..


Some quotes from Mike
that didn’t make it in from last night’s outing

[on the fans booing
him twice]

“I understand it obviously. They brought me here for a
reason. That was to close games and get the job done. That’s twice I’ve done it
in a row and I understand their frustration,” Gonzalez said.

[on his health]

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just throwing a lot of balls.”

“More than anything right
now, I’ve just got some built up energy. I want to go out there and get it done
and I want to do it at the best possible rate. I really need to sit back and
say ‘they got me for a reason.’

“The reason was I’ve been
doing this for the last six years. I’ve been successful. I just need to keep
that same mindset, instead of trying to overdo what I can. I’m good enough with
what I have.”


Judging from those last two
quotes Gonzalez sounds like a guy trying to overthrow and prove that he’s worth
the contract the Orioles gave him. If he’s healthy, and he says he is, Orioles
fans need to be patient. The team isn’t going to pay this guy $6 million this
year and pull him after a rough first week. Does Gonzalez need to get it done?
Absolutely. Will he? We’ll see. I’d imagine AndyMacPhail and the organization will give him every opportunity
to succeed before evaluating their other options.  

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