The B-Rob Effect


It makes Terry Crowley feel better. It
puts Dave Trembley’s mind at ease.

There’s no shortage of good that comes
out of seeing Brian Roberts’ name at the top of the Orioles lineup card.

“When he got healthy you saw how he
played toward the end of camp,” Trembley said. “He gives you what he’s got. We need

Roberts hit .211 with two doubles in 19
spring at-bats, and according to Crowley is right where he should be.  Crowley acknowledged that a few more at-bats probably
would have been for the best, but this isn’t Roberts’ first Opening Day. Read:
he knows what to do.

“Everyone feels good when they see his
name in the lineup,” Crowley said  of
Roberts, who didn’t make his spring debut until March 26 because of a herniated
disc in his lower back.  “You know if he
gets on base he gives you hope that you can make something happen.

feel good when I see his name in the lineup.”

I’ll admit I was skeptical about whether Roberts would be ready for Opening Day. He proved me wrong, and a lot of others as well. To his credit, Trembley never wavered on Roberts’ readyiness, and reiterated prior to Tuesday’s game that he’s always been confident No. 1 would be leading off come April 6.

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