Jeter, Joba on the O's

Since it was a slow morning, I spent a
few minutes over in the Yankees clubhouse (where I spent a good portion of last
year) to say hello and ask about the Orioles. A few of the guys, like Nick
and Joba Chamberlain were impressed with the O’s young core.
It’s a hard division to come up in, Chamberlain acknowledged, but in signing
Kevin Millwood, they “couldn’t have got a better guy.”

Chamberlain said he spent a lot of his rookie
year just asking questions to the veteran Yankees, and when I told him that
Millwood’s locker is right among the young pitchers and he’s always chatting
and telling stories, Chamberlain smiled.

“That’s the best part of baseball,” he
said. “And [Millwood’s] been around.”

mentioned how he’s a fan of some of
the O’s young pitchers, and singled out how impressed he was in watching Adam
Jones last season. “Seems like he really made some adjustments too,”
Jeter said of Jones this spring.

 The Yankees captain got to know Brian Roberts from the WBC last year,
and said he really liked how B-Rob approached the game.

“He plays the right way,”
Jeter said.

Some pretty nice stuff. Of course, Jeter (a huge Michigan fan) did wish my Spartans good luck (and poked fun at my green shirt). Now if only all the Maryland fans on this blog would follow that lead….

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