Tillman, Hernandez speak

We won’t know what president of baseball operations Andy
MacPhail and manager Dave Trembley think about the fifth starter decision until
after the game, but both David Hernandez and Chris Tillman spoke about the
move, which slots Hernandez in the rotation and Tillman in Triple-A.

There was definitely shock value,” said
Hernandez, who found out about 10 minutes before he spoke with the media. “I was
surprised, to be honest. It’s everybody’s dream to be on a major league roster,
let alone on the Opening Day roster. It’s something special.”


“I felt like I was not the lead
candidate going in, but you can’t look at it like that. That just makes you
want to work harder. Hopefully, I pushed Tillman to get better and I pushed
[Jason] Berken to get better. Tillman’s going to start plenty of times. There’s
no doubt about it. He’s that good of a pitcher.”

Tillman held it together pretty well,
although you could tell he was struggling to keep his composure.

“I don’t think I was blindsided,
but I did think mentally like it was a battle. I think that was the only fair
way to go about it. I went into the offseason with that mentality,” Tillman
said. “I did expect more of myself, obviously. I didn’t pitch as well as I probably
should have. It is what it is.”

Tillman spent most of the spring
working on his cutter, and was asked if he would have done things a little
different had he known the competition was results-based.

“No, [what] is getting me ready
for the season is working on things, you know?” he said.  “I think if I were to stick with my fastball,
change-up curveball it would have been a totally different outcome. I was
working on my cutter. I’m not saying where I would have been, but I think the
results would have been a different outcome.”

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