It ain't easy being Dave


When manger Dave
didn’t meet with the media on Tuesday morning, the general consensus
was he was making cuts, which would be announced later in the day. During a
17-minute, emotional postgame session, Trembley admitted part of his morning
was spent roaming the back fields at Ed Smith Stadium as he prepared to deliver
heart-breaking news to the eight guys who were demoted.

“I got a hell of a job here this year, and I know what’s at
stake this year,” Trembley said. “I’ve tried to go about it in a way that is
the right way.”

“I walked around those back fields all morning, kind of
like, ‘How am I going to talk to some of these guys? ‘It was tough for me to
tell Brandon Snyder he was going out of camp. I had the kid in instructional
league. And [Alberto] Castillo. You know his story? A refugee from Cuba played
independent baseball. Was a first baseman and pitcher in the Giants
organization. Look where that kid has come from. It’s tough to tell those guys.
You’re dealing with people’s lives. [Chad] Moeller is 35 years old. He’s been
the epitome of a professional guy.

“I had to tell [Adam] Donachie he’s going out. Donachie
was a pro’s pro. That kid’s just as important to me as any of these big league
guys that have 10 years in the big leagues. I have to give him the same amount
of time I gave everybody else. It’s only fair, it’s only professional. It’s
only the right thing to do.”

 “It’s the toughest
part of this job, looking at these guys, because you love them. You absolutely
love them. And to tell them that, hey, they’re not breaking with us in the big
leagues and I’m responsible for putting out the light of the dream they have,
it’s tough.”

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