Jeremy's spoken


I nabbed the blog title from fellow
beat writer Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. Way too good to pass up.

Anyways, we just talked to  Jeremy
who acknowledged that he was all over the zone tonight against the
Yankees. His final line included four walks and seven strikeouts, so by
definition you could call him effectively wild. At least, at times. He also
plunked two Yankees, Mark Teixeira and Francisco Cervelli, with Teixeira
exiting the game with a right elbow contusion.

Guthrie said pitching coach Rick
Kranitz asked him to amp it up a little bit on Friday night to make sure he was
ready to go for the season, and wasn’t quite sure if that’s what caused his

Guthrie lowered his ERA slightly, from
7.47 to 7.40, but said his confidence is good following what is expected to be
his final spring tune up.

“The last two outings, I really feel
like the ball has been moving. And for me, if the ball is moving, I feel very
good about it,” Guthrie said.  “Now, I just got to get the location in the
zone more consistently and I think the results would be some quicker outs for
me. But to see that ball move the last two outings for me was good. I really
felt like last year, I had one or two starts where the ball moved. When the
ball doesn’t move, you feel like you have to have perfect location. When it’s
moving, you have more leeway.”

Walks aside, Guthrie said he only
wanted back one pitch, a belt-high fastball that Robinson Cano sent over the
fence for a three-run homer in the first inning.

“It didn’t have the bite that the other
ones had and he put a good swing on it, hit it hard,” Guthrie said of Cano’s
knock.  “I’m going to look at [the outing] pitch-by-pitch, but I feel like
I executed some good pitches.”

Still Guthrie’s effectiveness this
spring is cause for concern. He has allowed four or more earned runs in three
of his last four spring starts and hasn’t pitched more than five innings.

“The body is fine,” Guthrie said.
 “When the lights are on, I’ll go out there and I’d like to go out to 105
pitches. If I’m more efficient, that means six, seven innings instead of just
five. But I don’t think there is a concern that I haven’t been stretched past
five innings. If I’m at 85 pitches [April 7] in Tampa, I’m sure I’ll pitch the
seventh and it won’t matter how many innings I worked here.”

“[Friday night] was just building
to see if I can continue that movement that I had in Florida. It was the second
part of feeling comfortable with the fastball. I feel good where I’m at.”

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