O's Opening Day lineup

Manger Dave Trembley acknowledged on Sunday that he’s close to an
Opening Day lineup. He may or may not know the batting order, but he wasn’t
willing to divulge. Still, it seems Miguel Tejada will be the team’s clean-up
hitter with Nick Markakis preceding him and either Luke Scott or Matt Wieters
in the No. 5 hole.


“He is the most experienced guy,” Trembley said in regards to
Tejada, who has hit in the No. 4 spot more than any other player this spring.  


“That doesn’t mean he will be there all the time, but he is the
most experienced guy. But I am using Spring Training also to move guys around
and also, and you saw how I did it with Wieters last year. I tried to bring him
along slowly and then move him up toward the end of the year. I have said on
record that eventually he will be a middle of the order guy. Spring training
has been a great vehicle for me to do that, but that doesn’t mean Opening Day
he is going to be the four hitter. Eventually someday in his career he might
be. Maybe a couple times this year he might be, but I think that’s why you have
Spring Training.”



Assuming Nolan Reimold and Brian Roberts are both healthy, my
guess is April 6’s Opening Day lineup would go something like this: Roberts,
Jones, Markakis, Tejada, Wieters, Scott/Reimold (DH), Pie, Atkins, Izturis.


I picked Pie over Reimold because Rays’ starter James Shields is a
tough right-handed pitcher and I would imagine that turf at Tropicana Field isn’t
something the Orioles want Reimold running around on. But I could be wrong.


“I think there is one lineup I may go with against right handed
pitching and there might be another lineup that I might do something against
left-handed pitching,” Trembley said.  “I
think having both Pie and Reimold gives you some flexibility there, and there
are some other guys that give you that. I have thought about it. I know what I
want to do. We’ll just wait for the season to start.”



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