Roberts Debut Friday

Manager Dave Trembley just announced that Brian Roberts will make his Spring Training debut Friday night against the Minnesota Twins.

The goal is obviously five innings and three at-bat’s but Trembley declined to specify his plan for Roberts. The switch-hitting second baseman was cleared by the medical staff yesterday, and Trembley said the decision came this morning when he spoke with Roberts.

Roberts has had a rocky road in recovering from the herniated disc
in his lower back — suffered during offseason workouts at the Athletes’
Performance Institute in Arizona — but he acknowledged on Tuesday
morning that he is feeling better.

“I don’t really know what has helped and what hasn’t,” said Roberts, who
went through several different megadose packs of medication before
flying to Baltimore to see Dr. Lee Riley for an epidural on March 15.

“I know it feels better. I feel better than I did 10 days ago. There’s
things that still feel the exact same, but things that feel a little
better. So as long as [the epidural] helped me hit, that’s all that
really matters.” 


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