Back in Sarasota….’s Alden Gonzalez is based out of Miami and is
(thankfully) saving me from making that long drive and overnight stay in
Jupiter. So  will still
have all the usual game stories and coverage you’re used to these next two

It will be interesting to see what kind of start Jeremy Guthrie has
later this afternoon. His spring struggles have been no secret, and if you ask
me, he’s really a key to the O’s rotation this year. If Guthrie can return to
the Guthrie of ’07 and ’08, it would take some pressure off the young guys and
help save the bullpen from being overworked in the first half.

Back in Sarasota, I’m checking out some Minor League stuff with the Triple-A
and Double-A teams both in action against the Rays’ Minor League teams.

Koji Uehara played some light catch on Sunday, according to translate
Jiwon Bang, and there’s been some semi-meaningful apologies to me about my
Michigan State Spartans who defeated Maryland to advance to the Sweet 16.

Brian Roberts is here, although I just said hi briefly. Not sure what’s
he done today or what the plan is. Hopefully, I’ll get to check in with him

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