Trembley hoping to see results from Millwood

Orioles manager Dave Trembley said prior to Sunday’s game
that he’s not worried about Kevin Millwood’s performance this spring, but he
acknowledged it would be nice to see some better results.

I’m not going to get too worked about
it if it doesn’t happen,” Trembley said. “[But] Let’s get improvement,
let’s get him closer, cause the season’s going to start.”

Trembley wouldn’t bite on whether
Millwood would be the Orioles Opening Day starter, but he did say that the
veteran was acquired to be a “top of the rotation” guy.

Millwood’s tossed 77 pitches through
four innings, which is mostly a product of a 28-pitch third that included two
walks. He labored through the start, but the damage was minimal.  In five innings, Millwoodd allowed only Paul Hoover’s homer in the

was the first time I just kind of said, ‘Screw it’ and try to pitch like it
matters,” Millwood said. “There’s a possibility this might be my last big league game this
spring, so I just tried to pitch like a regular season game.

Millwood said he threw some change-ups, which has been the focal point of his work this spring, but he used it more like he would in a regular season game. He tossed 94 pitches total, and said the next time he throws he’ll likely go over 100.

With the Orioles slated to face AL East foes Tampa Bay and Boston on Millwood’s next scheduled turns, he said he’ll likely pitch in a Minor League game instead.

going to face both those guys pretty quick, pretty early in the season, and I’d
rather not see them in the spring,” Millwood said. “I think we’ve both seen enough of each
other. I’d just rather…if they’ve forgotten anything, I’d rather not remind

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